Breudwd Welsh Prose 1300-1425

Shrewsbury MS. 11


Shrewsbury MS. 11 contains 22,412 words in 150 pages.

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Texts in Shrewsbury MS. 11:

p1 :1 Gwasanaeth Mair (Religious)
p52 :9 Gweddi Boneffas Bab (Religious)
p53 :18 Enaid Crist (Religious)
p54 :5 Pa ddelw y dylai dyn gredu i Dduw (Religious)
p66 :10 Ysbryd Gwidw (Religious)
p83 :7 Efengyl Ieuan (Religious)
p85 :1 Ystoria Adda (Religious)
p100 :11 Y Groglith (Religious)
p118 :3 Elen a'r Grog (Religious)
p134 :15 Breuddwyd Pawl (Religious)
p143 :3 Deongl Terfynau'r Byd (Religious)

The Headmaster and the Ancient Librarian of Shrewsbury School kindly permitted us to make digital images of Shrewsbury MS XI, which is kept in the School’s archive. The images may be viewed here.

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