Breudwd Welsh Prose 1300-1425

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: Language and Literature Committee, University of Wales Board of Celtic Studies, School of Welsh, Cardiff University,

Transcribed by D. Mark Smith

Edited by Peter Wynn Thomas

Encoded by Diana Luft

School of Welsh, Cardiff University Cardiff 2013

  • : Oxford, England
  • : Jesus College
  • : 119
  • : Oxford Jesus 2

The manuscript contains a copy of a collection of religious texts. Images of this manuscript can be found on the 'Early Manuscripts at Oxford University' website at

Page Contents Hand
1r-3r blank -
3v Enweu ystoryaeu y llyuyr hwnn yw y rei hynn X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
4r blank -
4v At y Darlleawdyr X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
5r-69v Ystoria Licidar X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
69v-77r Marwolaeth Mair X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
77v blank -
78r-92v Ymborth yr Enaid X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
93r-103v Buchedd Dewi X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
104r-110r Buchedd Beuno X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
110v blank -
111r-119r Ystoria Adrian ac Ipotis X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
119r-121r Credo Athanasius X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
121r-125r Pa ddelw y dylai dyn gredu y Dduw X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
125r-128r Pwyll y Pader o dull Hu Sant X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
128v-129r Rhinweddau Gwrando Offeren X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
129r-132v Breuddwyd Pawl X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
132v-134r Cadw dydd Sul X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
134r-134v Rhybudd Gabriel X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
134v-136r Efengyl Ieuan X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
136r-137r Y Drindod yn un Duw X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)
137v-143v Gwlad Ieuan Fendigaid X90 (the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi)

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The manuscript is written in the mid-fourteenth-century rounded textura script of a scribe known as the Anchorite of Llanddewibrefi.

This scribe was given the designation X90 by Daniel Huws, and this designation is followed for the purposes of this edition. The Anchorite's hand appears in four further manuscripts including NLW MS. Peniarth 18 which contains a copy of Brut y Tywysogion, NLW MS. Peniarth 46 which contains a copy of Brut y Brenhinoedd and NLW MS. Peniarth 47 part i which contains a copy of Ystoria Dared. He also contributed copies of Purdan Padrig and the Charlemagne material to the White Book of Rhydderch, NLW MS. Peniarth 5.

Further information on this manuscript can be found in the following sources.

  • Evans, J. Gwenogvryn. 1898-1910. Jesus 2=CXIX. Report on Manuscripts in the Welsh Language 2. London: HMSO. 30-?.
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This electronic edition was transcribed from a microfilm copy of the manuscript and checked against the original. The orthography and punctuation of the original manuscript have been followed, as has the original word division. A full stop in the transcription indicates a punctus in the manuscript, while a semi-colon in the transcription indicates a punctus elevatus in the manuscript. Words written as single items in the manuscript but considered as separate items today are separated by a vertical line, and scan as separate items in the word list and the word search. Words written as two words in the manuscript but considered as single words today appear separated by a dot in the transcription but scan as single words in the word list and word search.

Page numbers, columns, and lines have been encoded as well as gaps in the text, which may arise if the text is illegible or if there is damage to the manuscript. Gaps may also represent spaces left by the scribe. The presence of gaps in the text is noted in this edition, but the reason for them has not been recorded, nor has text been supplied to indicate their extent. Large initial capital letters have been encoded, but rubrication and other types of decoration have not. Apparent scribal errors which may have an effect on the intelligibility of the text have been provided with a 'sic' tag giving the editors' suggestion for a more intelligible reading. The purpose of these interventions is not to correct the scribe or infer that he is incorrect, but rather to indicate to the reader that unexpected readings are indeed true, and to make suggestions to add to the legibility of the text.

  • PWT: edited XML files and suggested corrections
  • 10-Feb-2006 DL: converted Word files to XML and corrected them
  • 5-Jan-2004 – 7-Apr-2004 DMS: transcribed pages 1r-143v from the microfilm copy of the manuscript

The material has been transcribed separately.